About Us

At Leviathan, we strive to find the hidden qualities in every brand and bring them up into the light.

Our name comes from an ancient word meaning "to join or twine." Over the centuries it's come to symbolize depth and surfacing, balance and protection, the human soul and the eternal universe. Timelessness and immortality and perpetual rebirth.

These are our guiding principles. We apply them to branding projects — physical, digital, motion and written — across a variety of industries.


Over the past few years, our client list has been comprised of some of the biggest names in entertainment and consumer goods, including:




Brand Strategy

We take a bottom-up approach to branding, beginning where services or products are needed and finding natural ways for companies to grow into those positions of consumer need.


Identity Design

We look for the hidden depths inside each client, finding the unexpected worlds just waiting to be shared with fans.


Content Creation

We’ve worked on national ad campaigns for electronics manufacturers, animated trailers for some of the biggest names in entertainment, and even punched-up scripts for indie games.


Come see what we can do for you.