Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition & Watch

The Dead Space series is an absolute classic in horror games. When the third installment was announced, we were called in to make something truly special. We took the unique approach of working directly with the writers, developers, and artists working on the game in order to finally make a collector’s edition that was an extension of the game rather than a pricey afterthought.

We worked with Visceral’s Dead Space team — along with our partners at Treehouse Brand Stores / ThinkGeek.com — to create a fantastic product that was filled with hidden codes and messages for fans. The Dev Team Edition was supported by an ARG bespoke eCommerce site which allowed all fans across the globe to purchase and follow along concurrently, a first in the industry.

All of this meant the Dev Team Edition was sold out before the normal edition ever hit the shelves.

• Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition collector’s edition
• Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition box
• Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition marker statue
• Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition “health pack” water bottle
• Dead Space 3 “Engineer’s Watch”


Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition