Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition & Live Fan Event

The Elder Scrolls series is a high-water mark in video games, selling 22 million copies of the the fifth installment, Skyrim. So when the time came for Bethesda and ZeniMax Online Studios to make the next installment, they went big. Elder Scrolls Online was to be the first foray for the company into the world of Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMO’s).

The launch featured a high-end collector's edition, “The Imperial Edition,” presented as a huge chest filled with an old-school cloth map, a lush art book / lore book, and an enormous sculpture of the evil Molag Bal.

It was an honor to work along side each team’s creative departments as well as our partners at Treehouse Brand Stores / ThinkGeek.com to create some iconic pieces that captured the unique feel of the world. But we didn’t stop there.

Working with ZeniMax’s internal team, Iam8bit, and a host of talented cosplayers, we recreated a big pre-release event. We brought one of the game’s tavern to life, right down to the games of chance and real metal coins of the realm. All this to give players an early taste of the world they’d get to inhabit at the game’s launch.

Below we’ve highlighted the following:

• Official Online Store
• Official Promotional Unboxing video
• Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition
• Molag Bal statue creation
• Elder Scrolls Online Lore Book
• 347th Annual Tamriel Beer Hall event
• Event Invitation and metal coins


Unboxing the Imperial Edition


347th Annual Tamriel Beer Garden